Friday, January 5, 2018

My Interview for the Infectious Myth regards California fires, floods, and natural climate cycles

Comparing increased wildfires since 1980 compared to the 1920s

I was recently interviewed by David Crowe for his Infectious Myth podcasts, as we discussed California fires, floods, and natural climate cycles that have nothing to do with global warming and finished discussing thriving polar bears.

You can hear the podcast at

Starving Polar Bear 😜


  1. One obvious question to ask is whether forest regeneration was better, worse or unaffected after 1950, when levels of fire had decreased to the modern low levels.

    Fire may be harmful to sedentary humans, but is it beneficial to wilder, more primitive nature?

  2. Another obvious question. California is 101,676,000 acres. Some of that is desert. How on earth did 53m acres burn off two years running yet there are still trees hundreds of years old?