Sunday, August 15, 2021

Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt

 A video of the presentation I will be giving to the Rotary Club titled Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt is now available on youtube

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  1. Disturbing proof of youtube manipulation!

    First, because I get notified of each comment, I noticed a very positive comment was removed by youtube regards this video. So I reposted the comment from my notification. Then 2 days later the comment was returned. Now it has been removed again.

    But I also observed youtube had dropped the "likes" from 22 to 15. So I started taking screen shots. Last night at 9 PM likes for my video had risen back to 22, but by 7 AM this morning youtube lowered the likes to 20. I used to wonder if those discrepancies were due too my inattentiveness. But my screenshots are absolute proof of youtube's manipulation!

    I also noticed when I googled for the video with the phrase "youtube jim steele understanding wildfires and climate" it often did not appear in the list of search results with thumbnails at the top of the results, even though the exact title when I first posted the video was "Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt ! " Sometimes it appeared but infrequently. I was advised by a youtuber to experiment with different thumbnails and names, to see what gets more attention. So I changed the thumbnail to "Prevent Looming Megafires" but the description retained the previous title "Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt! " So I then googled "youtube jim steele "Prevent Looming Megafires" but now the video does not get listed at all!

    Furthermore at 7 AM the video listed 782 views. Three hours later they listed 768 views. Screenshots prove manipulation. If they have the power and lack of integrity to engage in such dishonest manipulation, and dont want anyone to track it as I have done, they can just block those numbers before they go public

    There is clearly dishonest manipulation of what is presented to the public by google and youtube!