Thursday, September 23, 2021

How CO2 Saves the Earth: Greenhouse Gas have Vital Warming & Cooling Effects

Watch youtube video "How CO2 Saves the Earth".

While CO2 warming effects have raised earth's temperature to present levels, CO2's absorbed wavelengths are saturated. More CO2 will have reduced warming effects going forward. On the other hand, more CO2 increases collisions with O2 and N2 allowing those air molecules to release heat absorbed from conduction with the ground to be radiated back to space

Those cooling effects offset warming, reduce dangerous inversion layer heating, and maintain a balanced climate

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"Sea Level and Thriving Komodo Dragons"

 My new video "Sea Level and Thriving Komodo Dragons"

In contrast to catastrophic speculation from climate models, and media hype, the scientific evidence reveals rising CO2 has NOT caused a dangerous rise in sea level and has NOT threatened Komodo Dragons with extinction

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Natural Diversity vs Climate Crisis Shape Shifting


Explores the false reporting in the paper "Shape-shifting: changing animal morphologies as a response to climatic warming" and details why bird beaks change shape that's unrelated to a climate crisis

Natural Diversity vs Climate Crisis Shape Shifting

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Germany's Tragic 2021 floods and misinformation from Orwellian Science NewSpeak

WATCH "Germany's Tragic 2021 floods and misinformation from Orwellian Science NewSpeak"

Video reveals the natural weather dynamics that undeniably caused the deadly July 2021 flooding in Germany and clearly refutes any causal connection to global warming

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Warming and Drying part 2 Natural Cycles, Climate see-saws and failed models

Warming and Drying part 2 Natural Cycles, Climate see-saws and failed models

Natural cycles like the Madden Julian Oscillation and the El Nino Southern Oscillation cause regions of rising moist air and precipitation varying with regions of sinking cloudless dry air that allow intensified solar heating and modern and historical regional heatwaves and droughts.Climate hypothesis suggesting global warming will cause wet regions to get wetter and dry regions to get drier is not supported by observations.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Drying and Warming Our Earth

My short video "Drying and Warming of Our Earth" describes how enlightened land management can make landscapes more resilient to drying and heatwaves. It reports the most recent research showing heatwaves are not made worse by rising CO2 but by altering the earth's surface.

Friday, August 20, 2021

Documenting Youtube Manipulation

Dishonest manipulation of skeptical science has long been suspected. But without solid evidence, allegations of fraudulent manipulation are dismissed as “just paranoid speculation” or “conspiracy theory”. By documenting how "malleable" the youtube stats are, I demonstrate how easily such manipulations are performed. I hope this can encourage a Congressional investigation into their tactics.

Background information: I am an ecologist who served as director of San Francisco State University’s Sierra Nevada Field Campus for 25 years. I studied ecosystems and wildlife and how they are affected by landscape changes, regional climate change, hydrology and wildfires. On August 17, 2021 I gave a science based talk to the Rotary Club of Novato, CA regards Wildfires and Climate which clearly showed climate change is not a significant factor, but managing the ecosystem properly is the key to environmentally sound adaptation. I converted my Powerpoint presentation to a Video and uploaded it to Youtube with the title Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt and posted that link to my blog, Facebook, and WUWT.

I first noticed on day one of the video’s publication that the number of LIKEs suddenly dropped from 22 to 15 in just a few hours. Not sure if I was imagining it, or Youtube was trying to downgrade the video for debunking the bogus narrative that wildfires were due to a “climate crisis,” I began checking the stats every few hours and taking screenshots to document any changes (see below). I also changed the thumbnail name from “Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt” to “Prevent Looming Megafires” which was my main reason for this video, but a subsequent google search for that title did not list the video at all, so my thumbnail name got returned to “Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How we Must Adapt” which was always part of the video description.

I believe the # of views and # of Likes determine the way Youtube/Google algorithms guide the public to finding any video via “Youtube searches” or “Other YouTube features” which presently accounts for a total of 5% of my video’s views.

Here is the screenshot documentation showing undeniable dishonest manipulation.

1. screenshot August 18, 8:33 PM ; a) 741 Views b) 22 Likes

2. screenshot August 19, 7:33 AM ; a) 782 Views b) 20 Likes (Likes reduced by 2)

3. screenshot August 19, 9:51 AM ; a) 768 Views b) 20 Likes: (views reduced by 14, Likes still only 20)

At this point I tweeted about Youtube’s manipulation of video stats and that Tweet had over 4000 views. Coincidentally, Likes shortly thereafter jumped up by 3 but with only 1 added view. Hmmm?

4. screenshot August 19, 10:07 AM; a) 769 Views b) 23 Likes: (1 more View, Likes up by 3)

5. screenshot August 19, 10:25 AM; a) 770 Views b) 24 Likes: (1 more View but still less that 782 at 7:30 AM, Likes up by 1)

6. screenshot August 19, 10:37 PM; a) 850 Views b) 28 Likes (Views and Likes gradually increased throughout the day

7. screenshot August 20, 5:47 AM; a) 863 Views b) 22 Likes. (Views up, Likes reduced by 6). So again, I tweeted about Youtube manipulation!

8. screenshot August 20, 8:12 AM; a) 860 Views b) 30 Likes. (Views down by 3, but Likes raised up by 8 in 2 hours to 30 total). Hmmm, do they monitor my tweets?

Overnight August 29-30 the reduced Likes by 20

I contimue to screenshot persistent removal of Likes and Views